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I offer 3 different package options, all of which include no less than 5 edited photos. You definitely need the standard close-up head shot, but we're going to do more than that. In each package you'll get a variety of close-up, full/mid body and lifestyle shots. Your photos should scream your brand, so let's go to your favorite local sport and get candids of you working or meeting with a client. Let's do lifestyle shots in your home-office. Whatever your vision, let's do it! I want to make sure you have great content to promote your brand succesfully, and having great head shots is a great step in that direction. 

Head shot sessions are for anyone needing head shots, (seniors, models, actors, etc.). These sessions are NOT strictly for business professionals only. 

You can view package options at the bottom of the page.


Team Photos

Like with head shots, your Team Photos should scream your brand!

Pick one or more locations to showcase your team meeting, working, or simply looking cool walking through downtown. Give each individual team member multiple head shots of their own, too. Making sure each person's brand is up to par with the overall team brand is super important. You know the saying "a team is only as strong as the weakest link", so don't have a weak link.

If you feel like you're ready to go the extra mile and really promote your team's brand in a cool and unique way, send me an email and let's talk about your vision.




 (exclusively for groups of 8+ people or consistent work partnerships)

  • Silver - $50/person

each person will receive one close-up head shot

  • Gold - $75/person

each person will receive 3 head shots (mix of close-up & full/mid body shots or close-ups only)

*Each package includes 2-3 complimentary group/team shots.

individual head shots

  • Standard - $125

5 edited photos, 30 minute session, 1 location

  • Super - $200

10 edited photos, 1 hour session, 1 location

  • Platinum - $325

20-25 edited photos, 2 hour session, 2 locations




Team Photos are different from Office Head Shots in that they are sessions specifically designed for business partners & teams who plan to do a fair amount of digital & print marketing. Team sessions also include more photos than Office sessions.

With Team Photos, you'll get:

  • Multiple head shots per person with a mix of close-up, full/mid body & candid shots
  • Multiple group/team photos with a mix of standard posed shots, candid shots & lifestyle shots
  • Opportunity to creatively portray your brand by adding more than just one location

Pricing for Team Photos is based on the number of people in your team and package choice. If your team consists of 8 or more people and you need considerably more than what Office Head Shots can offer, shoot me an email and we can customize a package just for you.